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Video Subtitle Guidelines

Open Cations- Burned in to video can’t be switched off

Closed Captions- Layered on top of video can be switched on and off.  

Subtitle Workflow  

Stage 1: Edit the video to specification then upload low resolution copy to Trint for transcribing.  

Stage 2: Marketing or press officer to proof subtitles and spellcheck in Trint and inform us when .SRT file is available for download.  

Stage 3: We create master Video file and upload to YouTube with the .SRT and enable cc captions. Final check in youtube. If approved, download the master subtitles as a YouTube .SBV  

Stage 4: Convert the Youtube.SBV file using ( to create new master subtitle .SRT and import in to master premiere file.

Stage 5:  Create master Open Caption video, Closed Caption facebook 1080P and twitter 720p versions and host on video library. Provide download links for distribution of videos along with sidecar .STR master subtitle file to use with social media.  

Stage 6: Marketing or press officers decide on social media distribution platforms and use the appropriate procedure (see Below) to upload and attach .STR files and enable CC captions by default.


How to upload an SRT subtitle file in Twitter Media Studio Upload your video directly to Media Studio.

After the upload is complete, tap Media Detail to view the expanded menu for the video. Tap the Subtitles tab.

From the list of Media Studio-supported languages, select the language of the SRT file.

Tap Upload. Select the SRT file from your device.

Library Upload Specifications Maximum length of video 2.20

These instructions are only valid for Media Studio, and should not be followed for usage of the Twitter developer API, Pro Media API, desktop upload, or mobile upload. Video File size and type

Maximum file size: 1 GB Type: .MP4, .MOV

Resolution Recommended resolution (landscape): 1280x720

Recommended resolution (square): 720x720 Encoding Video specification: AVC encoding (H264)

Audio specification: stereo/mono AAC (LC) Subtitles: CEA 608/708 embedded, .SRT sidecar

Maximum framerate: 60 FPS Duration

Most people are limited to 2:20 (140 seconds), though some partners are whitelisted to allow for video duration up to 10 minutes. If you would be like to be whitelisted for upload > 2:20 minute video uploads (up to 10 mins), reach out to your Twitter account manager.


You can add captions to your Page's video to make it accessible to a broader audience. You can automatically generate captions and edit them, write them yourself or you can upload a SubRip (.srt) file.

To add captions to your Page's video: Click Photo/Video at the top of your Page's timeline.

Click Upload Photos/Video and select a video from your computer. Once your video has uploaded, click Subtitles & Captions(CC) in the column on the right. Next to Video Language, select the main language spoken in the video.

Once your video has finished uploading, select whether you'd like to auto-generate captions, write them yourself or upload a SubRip (.srt) file. Click Publish.

If you choose to upload a .SRT file, make sure that your caption files are correctly named and formatted before you upload them.

To add captions to an existing video on your Page, find the post on your Page's timeline, click in the top-right corner, select Edit Post and follow the steps above.

Note: People who watch your Page's video with sound turned off will automatically see captions. People who watch your video with sound turned on will need to turn on captions to see them. The language people see captions in is determined by their preferred language.

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